Faithful Servants Foundation is dedicated to the respite care of pastors and their families, as well as, laypeople who are involved in ministry. The purpose of this care is to provide spiritual rest and sabbath renewal for those who minister to others.  


Just as Jesus gave his life for us, pastors give of their lives every day. The compassionate care they offer to others can create and compound their stress, which often goes unrecognized. Pastors become closely involved in the lives of their parishioners as they baptize, confirm, marry, and bury their flock. They are called on routinely to address and tend to life’s pain, offering God’s Word to feelings of heartbreak, confusion, rage, or despair; this can have a cumulative effect on them creating compassion fatigue.


If your spouse is a pastor, or if you are a church leader or member who recognizes that respite care may be helpful to someone dealing with the struggles associated with the ministry of pastoral care, please reach out to us. Request an application for a scholarship for the person who would benefit from a rejuvenation of spirit and sabbath rest.   We are here to facilitate the rest and relaxation in the best possible environment to revive and renew their spiritual calling.

We can’t do this alone; learn more and support this much-needed care. 

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